• Liwatoni Fisheries Complex
  • Safaricom Line: +254 742 407 768, Airtel Line: +254 786 331 616
  • Liwatoni, Mombasa


The mandate of the Kenya Fishing Industries Corporation is to exploit fishery resources in the Kenya fishery waters and high seas by promoting establishment and efficiency of businesses engaged in the fishing and fishing related activities.

The corporation functions are as follows:

  • Exploit, buy, process, market and sell marine resources and products including aquatic plants.
  • Facilitate and promote the development and trade of fish and other marine products.
  • Establish and manage an auction Centre for fish and other marine resources.
  • Develop and operate facilities and establishments for the exploitation of fishery resources.
  • Acquire, hold or dispose of assets including equipment and accessories necessary for the capture, preservation, processing, selling and marketing of fish and fish products.
  • Undertake any other activities necessary or incidental to achieving the functions of the corporations.