• Liwatoni Fisheries Complex
  • Safaricom Line: +254 742 407 768, Airtel Line: +254 786 331 616
  • Liwatoni, Mombasa

Vessel on Arrival

[dt_vc_list dividers=”false”]The vessel skipper/Captain shall prepare and allow the various government agencies for inspections and sampling of fish where necessary.

(a)  Fish offloading shall commence after the vessel gets the necessary authorization from the relevant authorities to offload fish.

(b) LFC inspectors/officials hall require to be provided with copies of the vessels particulars, Crew list and Cargo manifest for verification purposes.

(c)The Skipper/Captain shall notify the lfc office on the expected time of stay for logistic purposes. Liwatoni jetty is a preserve for fish offloading services and minor repairs for limited hours.[/dt_vc_list]