• Liwatoni Fisheries Complex
  • Safaricom Line: +254 742 407 768, Airtel Line: +254 786 331 616
  • Liwatoni, Mombasa

Vessel While at Berth

Vessel Movements

  • Mobility of Berthed Vessels

All vessels berthed at the LFC shall at all times be manned by a deck officer and engine room personnel competent to move the vessel when needed. A vessel that cannot be moved to other berthing area because of the absence of competent officer shall be towed outside of the harbor basin on the account of the vessel captain, or the owner of the vessel or its shipping Agent.

  • Vessels Needing Repair

Vessels needing repair shall first secure a permit to repair from the LFC office before commencement of repairs. Due to lack of berthing area for repair purposes, only minor repairs which could be completed within 48 hours shall be allowed.

  • Sunken Vessels

In case a vessel sinks within the harbor basin due to causes beyond the control of the owner/operator, the owner/operator or the shipping agent shall re-float and tow away the vessel outside the harbor basin within 15 calendar days reckoned from the date of receipt of the notice after which the LFC management shall salvage the vessel at the account of the owner or its shipping agents.

Fishing Vessel Crew and Agent(S) Personnel

The vessel operators, crew and agents including their visitors to the vessel must at all times adhere to the security arrangements in place within the complex.

  • The fishing crew movements shall be restricted to the vessel or within the precincts of the vessel in the jetty when the vessel is docked in the complex. Loitering within the complex compound and buildings shall NOT be entertained unless with clearance with the office and the security providers.
  •  Fishing crew are required to have and produce shore pass and Identification documents on request to the security personal while in the complex and while going out and coming in at the gate.
  •  All vehicles entering the complex shall abide by the parking arrangements in place. Any vehicle required to access the jetty for purposes of supplies or collection of any item or persons incapable of movement shall be done on request and be given clearance through the security providers in place
  • Movements of fishing crew and of the vessels at dock or any visitor in and out of the complex shall be restricted to between 6.00 A.M in the morning and 9.00 P.M at night for security purposes. Any exceptions shall be done with prior arrangements with the office and the security providers or in case of an emergency.

Sanitation & Anti-Pollution

The LFC port personnel shall closely monitor the compliance of all fishing vessels at port to Anti-Pollution Laws.            .
The LFC shall strictly implement measures to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of its port facilities and the good condition of the marine environment in its port area.

As such, the following anti-pollution regulations and sanitation standards shall be strictly followed:

  • All fishing vessels entering Liwatoni fishing port should have proper human waste storage and disposal system on board. In the absence of such system, all vessel personnel must use the public toilets strategically located within the port complex. Discharging of human waste within the port basin is strictly prohibited.
  • Garbage and other inorganic wastes within the complex compound shall be properly disposed of in the garbage containers placed along the port area. Discharging of this garbage in the port area is strictly prohibited.
  • Discharge of bilge water and oil is strictly prohibited in the port area.
  • Aside from the stiff penalties and sanctions that will be imposed by the LFC and the Kenya Coast Guard to violators of the Anti-Pollution Clause, the concerned party shall be required to totally clean up the premises at his own expense.
  • Littering and urinating in public places is also strictly prohibited.
  • Liwatoni Fisheries Complex is a No Smoking Zone

Pre-Departure Requirements

The skipper of the fishing vessel shall first secure a departure clearance from the LFC office. LFC departure clearance shall only be issued after all regular port charges and other accounts have been paid.

Departure from the port without the necessary clearances from the LFC shall be considered as a serious offense. Violation of this provision shall subject the vessel or it’s duly authorized shipping Agent to the penalties and sanctions. No fishing vessel shall be allowed to leave the port from 1700 hours to 0500 h0urs of the following day.