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Management and operation activities

The daily management and operations of the corporation were undertaken as required and as per the performance contract and work plan.

These include;

  • Ensuring that all members of staff performed their duties.
  • Vessel landing: Fishing vessels landed at Liwatoni Jetty and all the necessary procedures were followed.
  • Review of security matters: There were no major incidences of insecurity reported.
  • All financial matters including A.I.A collection were attended to as required.

A.I.E was increased from Kshs. 10 million to Kshs. 40 million ths financial year.
The contractor on construction of fish processing plant was on site. He has requested to extend the contract period to complete the project by 25th January,2023

Visit our office

Our offices are located at Liwatoni Fisheries Complex in Ganjoni, Mombasa County. We are 100 metres from the Likoni Floating Bridge.

Contact info

Kenya Fishing Industries Corporation (KFIC).

  • Liwatoni Fisheries Complex in Ganjoni, Mombasa County
  • +254 742 407 768 | +254 786 331 616