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Kenya fisheries are predominantly artisanal but with big potential in the offshore and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which remains largely unexploited. At present most exploitation is by artisanal and semi – industrial inshore fisheries, the fishermen lack the capacity in terms of skills and the appropriate fishing vessels that can venture into the offshore/deep sea fishery. The country’s offshore waters have been exploited over the years by distant water fishing vessels from Europe and Asia, visiting the region to fish for tunas and billfishes. Recently in efforts to build local fishing fleet a number of fishing vessels have arrived on mainly joint ventures but still we have a long way to go to achieve maximum utilization of our waters.


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Our offices are located at Liwatoni Fisheries Complex in Ganjoni, Mombasa County. We are 100 metres from the Likoni Floating Bridge.

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Kenya Fishing Industries Corporation (KFIC).

  • Liwatoni Fisheries Complex in Ganjoni, Mombasa County
  • +254 742 407 768 | +254 786 331 616